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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($11,780.00)

"Before I hired Karel, I was working with another agency. They have been managing my budget, but when they start touching $50k, most of the ads start dying. They generate only a 20% profit, and I pay the agency $5k a month. When I hired Karel, I was sceptical, because we had a horrible experience with all “cheap” freelancers from Upwork. But I was wrong. He is very good with numbers, and he has the “feeling”. He knows what's wrong, which ads to kill it, duplicated, or aggressively push it, so they start to perform even better. We are touching $100k a month in revenue now with a 28% profit. Karel is talented. He is going with us on a contract."

Umang P. (United Kingdom)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($1,960.00)

"The Coronavirus pandemic had a massive impact on our retail shop. Luckily, Karel and his team were able to deliver a stunning 3.22 ROAS to our Shopify store! We will definitely continue to work together!"

Daniel H. (United States)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($1,715.00)

"Excellent work with all the proper working integrations, very good communication on projects and requirements to meet deadlines."

Rene W. (Germany)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ($1,519.00)

"Karel did 3.5 ROAS! That's better than us! Nice surprise!"

Snir A. (Israel)


"Unusual Result. Wow. Thank you!"

Edwin Ch. (Japan)


"Amazing! Karel builds for me a professionally-looking lead magnet and registration form for a webinar (Everwebinar) with timer and all the hype around (ClickFunnels). He did full automation email sequences via ActiveCampaign. Now I'm getting around 800 emails a day. He created a lookalike audience which I'm using for my Facebook Ads campaign for now to sell my course. Karel is definitely worth it. He is really good. I'm going to hire him again to fully manage my Facebook Ads Campaign for a longer period."

Yasir S. (Canada)


"Fantastic work by Karel! He pretty quickly setup Funnel for our Facebook Ads Campaign. In one week, we hit our sales goal for the entire month! I Would recommend this expert to anyone who is looking to crash sales in the eCommerce industry."

Atom D. (Bulgaria)


"Great work Karel, Thank you. So what we did? First thing what Karel did was an audit for my existing campaign. Then he helped me created other ads and start split testing. Karel explained to me how to create and test creatures and find winning an audience. He increases CTR with other ads. He lower CPM by tweaking audience. In the same time, he optimised my sales funnel and my website, so my conversion rate improved. We created a "bundle" in my shop and increased AOV. He finds the best performing campaign, and now I am at ROAS 3.6 in a very short time!"

Mara D. (Spain)

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Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.

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