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How to verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager




In response to data privacy changes rolling out by Apple with iOS 14, Facebook is requiring all advertisers on their platform to verify the domains associated with the advertiser's respective Facebook Pages. This step allows advertisers to maintain as much functionality as possible within the platform.
A web developer or someone with access to the back-end of the website will be needed to complete the domain verification process.

1. Log into and then select the Business Manager account that contains the Facebook Page and Ad account associated with the campaign being managed by KC MEDIA. From the Home screen, select “Business Settings” from the menu bar on the left hand side of the page.


Note: This needs to be completed by the Business Manager Admin

2. From the left hand side of the “Business Settings” page, click on “Brand Safety” and then click on “Domains”.

3. Hit "Add".

... and add your domain name.

Your domain will then appear in your Business Manager with the status "Not verified".


Facebook provides 3 ways to verify domains, but only 1 of the methods needs to be completed (pick the option that is best for you).

Follow the instructions provided by Facebook for the method you choose. In our case, we will choose Meta tag verification.

After you select Meta tag verification (1.) copy the meta tag containing the verification code (2.) into the header section of your website home page. If you need additional help with pasting your code, contact your web developer.

Then hit the green button to verify!

Once the domain has been verified, the red dot to the right of the domain name will turn green.



Once the domain has been verified by Facebook, the ability to Assign Partners will appear.




To assign the domain to KC MEDIA, first click on “Assign Partners” (1.), and then a pop-up window will open.

Enter your Agency Partner's Business Manager ID - 999730070182177 (2.) in the space provided, and then click “Next” (3.) to complete the process.

Domain Verification for this domain is now complete. Please duplicate the process for any additional domains.

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